Herbalife Discounted Prices

The question is: Would you be interested in getting herbalife products at a discounted price?
If your answer is yes, then you need to read the information below.

Herbalife offers you the opportunity to sign up as a discounted customer to get all Herbalife products or ShapeWork’s packages less 25%. This offer not only saves you money but also provides you with the opportunity to buy Herbalife products wherever it is distributed around the world. So, when you travel or roam the globe, you can buy Herbalife products anywhere, depending on whether it is sold in that particular country.

Herbalife is situated in 61 countries, with the Herbalife headquarters founded in the USA. Herbalife products can also be purchased directly from your sponsor. 25% is the minimum amount of discount; which can increase to a level of 50% depending on the amount of Herbalife stock you purchase. Some clients prefer to buy small quantities of stock while others buy in bulk to get maximum discount: the choice is yours.

When you sign up as a discounted Herbalife customer you are under no obligation to sell any Herbalife or packages. All that is important is for you to use the product and get fantastic results. Lose weight and keep it off. That is the main objective and your sponsor will assist you with this so as to ensure you are successful.

The Herbalife discounted benefit lasts for one year and can be renewed with a minimal yearly fee. When you sign up as a Herbalife discounted customer you also get products as part of the package. Herbalife is all about products and fantastic results.

There is more: As part of the Herbalife Package, you get brochures and a Herbalife ID that is your passport to buying Herbalife products at a lower discounted price.

Sign up today by sending an e-mail to info@shapelife.co.za your nearest Herbalife distributor.
A coach is waiting for your e-mail and will instruct you with the steps to follow.