Fibre & Herb Tablets


When on a weight management program, it is possible that you will not always consume enough fibre-rich foods. Fibre and herb is especially designed to aid safe and effective weight control, by providing an increased amount of dietary fibre which reduces the amount of time food stays in the body; and so assists in the removal of toxins and wastes.

Natural source of fibre.

Assists the body’s potential to eliminate wastes.

Each packaged bottle contains 180 tablets.


How can Fibre and Herb tablets help with weight loss?

The unique blend of active fibre and specially selected herbs in the Herbalife Fibre and Herb tablets help top up the body’s requirements for fibre.

Maintaining and adequate fibre intakes can assists the body’s potential to eliminate wastes locked away in fat deposits, and may help to prevent further build-ups of fat deposits. When taken as part of weight control programme, Fibre and Herb tablets may help you to resist snacking between meals.

Recommended Use

Two Herbalife Fibre and Herb tablets for digestive health to be taken with each meal, three times a day.

Additional information

Weight 162 g

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