Success Stories

"With each new day, more and more people around are the world are becoming aware of the great simple success in weight loss and weight management that Herbalife products is able to offer them. "


Weight gain is a common occurrence which comes along with maturity in age. This is what Bob experienced. Bob had always been in good shape, but as his weight started piling on over the years, unattractive love handles started to appear more and more prominently and he knew he had to do something about his weight.

After following a strict Herbalife weight management program for but a month, Bob lost a massive 15 inches. Bob confirms the success of the Herbalife products by saying that even though the products will help you moderate your eating, you don't have to deny yourself. In addition Bob mentions that portion sizes also play a huge role in proper weight management as he mentions that although he does still eat some of his favourite foods, he just does it in smaller portions.

Thanks to Herbalife, Bob is now lean, trim and healthy, going from a hefty 180 pounds to 160 pounds. Along with improving his health, Bob has also toned and perfected his muscles, transforming his body into that of a Greek god. At 45, Bob is now in the best health and shape in his life.


With a diet consisting purely of bread and milk, it was inevitable that Tomas kept adding on the weight. Tomas however made the biggest mistake of his life in that to lose the extra weight he started skipping meals, and due to the regular exertion of his job as a construction worker, he soon landed in the himself hospital. Tomas now admits that he wanted to lose weight but had know idea how to go about it.

Discovering Herbalife and sticking to use of recommended Herbalife products, Tomas experienced a huge improvement in his health and his weight. His body was not getting the nutrition it required, while still enabling him to lose weight and in turn feel better and be healthier. Eventually Tomas lost the 30 pounds of weight he had gained and has now managed to keep it off for three years.

Tomas has the following tips for looking and feeling great with Herbalife:

  • Set an alarm to remind yourself to take your products
  • Track your progress with a partner
  • Enjoy dessert! Microwave a fudge protein bar and it's just like a brownie.

Carmen and Alfredo

With the birth of their baby, Carmen did not expect the unhappiness that she would experience due to her inability to lose the weight which she gained during her pregnancy.

Carmen and Alfredo were introduced to the Herbalife products, and this changed and improved their lives forever. Alfredo started using Herbalife digestive health products to rid him of his digestive problems, and Carmen went on a Herbalife weight loss program to assist her in losing her baby fat.

With thanks to their use of Herbalife, Carmen is now 74 pounds lighter and Alfredo 98.

This is how Carmen and Alfredo did it:

  • Regular exercise which includes aerobic activity and weight training
  • Continued use of Herbalife weight loss products which includes the one-shake-a-day maintenance plan
  • Taking the 21-day herbal cleansing program every three months

Their lives are totally different and they confess that they now have the confidence to be proud of the people that they are. Even though they do eat a lot of the same foods they used to enjoy, they have added a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diets and their entire family is now healthier and looking and feeling better than ever before.


As the weight kept piling on, Cecilia could feel her confidence being sapped, resulting in depression. Juggling two jobs, she had no time for her family, yet alone time for herself. Cecilia had tried every commercial weight loss program she could get her hands on, but found these ineffective, slow, and restrictive. However, after her mother trimmed down after using Herbalife, Cecilia decided to give it a shot.

With Herbalife, Cecilia lost weight within the first week, and her energy and as a result, her attitude, peeked to new heights. She dropped from a size 14 to an 8, and has kept the weight off for three years now. Cecilia has also found that with Herbalife she can still enjoy the same foods she loves, but prepared more nutritiously; and for carbohydrate cravings, those are a thing of the past.


In the past, for Glen, eating healthy meant going out for fast food; after all, most of it does contain lettuce and tomato. Due to his bad eating habits, Glen's weight sky-rocketed to become no laughing matter. His knees were beginning to suffer from the added weight, and after work he didn't have much energy other than to lie in front of the television.

However, after being introduced to the Herbalife weight loss product range, Glen lost a total of 50 pounds in six months by just drinking two shakes a day. His energy levels improved, and so did his life. He is now able to do so much more and participate in sports he never dreamt of. Glen says it's an incredible feeling.

Here's how he did it:

  • Don't be stubborn about doing it yourself. Even though Herbalife does seem too good to be true, it really does work!
  • Don't go in half-heartedly. The more you put in, the better results you will achieve.


Born with a sweet tooth, Angie had always had a problem sticking to diets in order to lose the weight which these treats would cause to pile on. Friends were always being supportive of her by saying that she was only big-boned, but Angie knew that she had to do something about her increasing weight. Then a friend told her about the Herbalife products.

Angie fell in love with Herbalife as, satisfying her sweet tooth, the shakes are tasty. In less than a year, by using Herbalife, Angie managed to completely transform herself, dropping 92 pounds, and getting the energy needed to enjoy quality time with her husband and children.

Here's how Angie says she did it with the help of Herbalife:

  • Think long term and take it one day at a time.
  • Make healthy meals and snacks that you will love. This way you will be sure to stick to your diet.