Becoming an Independent Distributor – How to Join Herbalife

Over the past 40 years, Herbalife has continually sought to better its products to ensure that customers from around the world can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, nutritionally balanced, and active lifestyle. The business model employed by Herbalife has also allowed independent distributors across the globe, from a tapestry of backgrounds, to begin and run successful and profitable businesses. In this short article, we’ll briefly cover how you can join Herbalife, and what you should know as an independent Herbalife distributor.

Herbalife as a Business Opportunity

In a tough economic climate, making ends meet has become a near-impossible balancing act; finding ways to supplement your income is quickly becoming an imperative. If a supplemental income can grow into a thriving business, all the better. Joining Herbalife as an independent distributor could turn out to be a lucrative exercise – if done correctly.

Independent Distribution

The questions of why and how to join Herbalife become more pressing once one realises that Herbalife offers independent distributors several ways of making money. The most important are through: firstly, sales of the Herbalife products; and secondly, by recruiting new distributors to the team.

One of the main advantages of the Herbalife business model is that the products can only be bought from independent distributors, and not through large retailers. This means that you don’t have to compete, in terms of marketing or price levels, with retail chains that have big advertising budgets and the ability to undercut competitors’ prices to drive them out of the market.

Another significant advantage comes from the way Herbalife discounts their products when you, as a distributor, buy stock from the company. Depending on your order size and your level achieved, you can save 25%, 35%, 42% or even 50% on the recommended retail price. This means that if you buy at the 50% discounted price and sell the products at the recommended retail price, you’ll be making 100% profit on your inventory. It will also offer you the opportunity to negotiate discounts with your own, preferred customers.

Incentives to Recruit

Before moving on to explaining how to join Herbalife, we also need to look at how distributors can earn extra income from recruiting new members. Here, you don’t earn a once-off commission – instead, you earn every time one of your recruits, and even one of your recruit’s recruits, make an inventory purchase from Herbalife.

If you, as an independent distributor, make it to the 50% discount level and your new recruit is at a 25% discount level, you earn 25% of his or her inventory purchase for every purchase they make at that level. The more recruits you have, and the more recruits they have, the more you earn.

How to Join Herbalife – Choose Shapelife as Your Sponsor

Finally, we get to answer the question: how to join Herbalife as an independent distributor. In many ways, the process couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is find a sponsor who will vouch on your behalf and guide you through the hassle-free process.

A sponsor is an already active Herbalife independent distributor. As soon as your application has been deemed successful, you’ll be able to start buying Herbalife inventory and making sales. Don’t hesitate to take the next step: begin your journey of registering as a Herbalife distributor by contacting Shapelife as your potential sponsor. We’d love to tell you more about what awaits you as a Herbalife professional.

Alternatively, drop us an email with any and all of your questions or check out our FAQs page here. As an independent Herbalife distributor, Shapelife can aid you in your decision-making process. We look forward to hearing from you!