Healthy snacks for weight management

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As winter reaches its peak in South Africa, so have the munchies. Where a fresh cold fruit did the trick in summer, you now crave something more substantial, more comforting and more decadent. There are ways to ways to fill the spot without having to compromise your healthy lifestyle.

Cold weather conditions is not the only cause for daytime cravings, a stressful lifestyle, economic factors, in fact most facets of your life that contribute to worries and stress can easily establish a need to nibble on something. Healthy snack for weight loss is easy with a bit of self control, preparation and planning ahead you can fill your stomach with a delicious bite to eat and guarantee zero weight gain or compromising your healthy eating habits.

The key to finding a snack that is not only healthy but also filling is finding something high in fibre. This is not an urban myth and this has been repeated by dieticians for years, yet easily ignored. Snacking on high fibre food types will ensure that you actually fill the spot and stop the cravings for more.

Below are some useful ideas for healthy weight loss snacks:

  • Dried fruit and nuts. A handful or two of these are rich in nutrients, flavour and fibre and will keep you satisfied for long enough till it’s time for your next meal. It’s also easy to have with you at all times, doesn’t require preparation time and perfect for the workplace.
  • Hummus made from chick peas is not only incredibly healthy but also extremely tasty. If offers the rich creamy texture you crave during cold winter times and when enjoyed with cut up carrot sticks or salary makes for a perfect snack.
  • Fat free yogurt with the berries of your choice is easy to come by and absolutely delicious. Have a tub of yogurt with some cut up apple, berries or the fruit of your choice. Try to opt for the plain flavour and spice it up with fresh incredients like fruit and nuts, the flavoured yogurts are jam packed with sugar and preservatives, ultimately defeating the purpose of healthy snacking.
  • An apple with a smudge of peanut butter is a winner! It’s quick to prepare, delicious and decadent and when executed using the peanut butter sparingly still healthy and nutritious.
  • Pea pods and green beans, high in fibre and easy to eat whilst sitting at your workstation.
  • There is wide selection of healthy biscuits and wafers at most super markets. Opt for something your body is compatible with, rye cakes are delicious when served with some fat free smooth or chunky cottage cheese with a flavoursome spice sprinkled over. Cheese is not the enemy if used is moderation. Opt for a healthy mozzarella and other light cheeses to enjoy with a rice cake, rye cake or other high fibre biscuits.
  • Granola is always a lifesaver in time of need. Have a granola bar handy when you’re busy and foresee a hunger attack coming along. It’s easy to run to the nearest store and picking up a candy bar or fatty pie, but not only will it leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, it serves no nutritional purpose. Something like a granola bar with fruit or nuts mixed in will keep you full, healthy and healthy.

Healthy snacks for weight loss is easy to come by, easy to prepare, nutritional and filling. All you need to do is plan ahead a little. Try to foresee hunger attacks as they are inevitable, so be prepared when they strike. Contact Danita at Shapelife for more weight loss tips and advice or other Herbalife products that will cure you from unexpected winter munchies.