Herbalife South Africa Pricelist

Herbalife is perfect for your busy lifestyle. It is a high quality nutritional supplement that is high in proteins to help you build lean muscle in the least amount of time. Get a head start this winter and build lean muscle fast. Don’t wait for summer begin now, start using your Herbalife Products today.

Have you heard about Herbalife products from a friend, colleague or family member?  Maybe you have seen the great results that they got when utilising the product?

With millions of satisfied customers around the globe, Herbalife is a trusted product for weight maintenance, weight gain and weight loss.  With an easy meal replacement system (for weight loss) and meal supplement (for weight gain), the diet is quick, delicious and easy.

If this is your first time enquiring about Herbalife products and you’d like to know where the Herbalife shops or Herbalife outlets are, I can tell you that Herbalife products are only sold through Independent Distributors (Herbalife agents) like myself, and not in any retail establishments.

For more information on products and a complete Herbalife South Africa pricelist, just e-mail me with the request “Herbalife pricelist”.

You can also place your orders directly with me.  Free delivery applies (certain terms and conditions apply)

To order, contact: danita@shapelife.co.za or phone me 0827514998