More Energy and a Boosted Metabolism – The Benefits of Herbalife Tea

A busy lifestyle can take a toll on your health, both mental and physical. Nobody enjoys feeling run-down, lacking in energy, depressed, and overwhelmed. All of these are only made worse when you realise that you’re putting on weight and aren’t able to address the problem adequately.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and the even better news is that there are products out there that can help you achieve health, weight loss and general well-being. Herbalife’s Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts, often simply called Herbalife Tea, is designed to boost your metabolism and energy levels – leaving you in a better position to get to your health goals.

Herbalife Tea and Exercise

Herbalife Tea is not a magic bullet, however, and should form part of a well-balanced diet and regular exercise programme. In fact, it truly comes into its own when combined with an exercise regime because a boosted metabolism means that your body is burning calories at a quicker rate than it normally would.

There are two considerations here that should definitely attract your interest. The first is that when exercising, your boosted metabolism ensures that you gain maximum weight loss benefits from your time spent working up that sweat. The second consideration is that as your body builds more muscle over time, it will naturally consume more calories, even when at rest. This, combined with a higher metabolic rate, simply equals an increase in calories burned.

More Energy When You Need It

Herbalife Tea also contains a measured shot of caffeine, which heightens your energy levels at key times during the day. Of course, morning or mid-morning is a great time to make use of the extra alertness; but, consuming Herbalife Tea before a workout will lead to more energy to exert on your preferred activities. Each half-teaspoon serving (1,7 g) will contain 85 mg of caffeine. This is considerably below the 170 mg recommended maximum. Moreover, at only 26 kJ per serving (approximately 6,2 calories), it really is a low-calory beverage that is as delicious as it is beneficial.

A Variety of Flavours

Herbalife Tea comes in four flavours, so there’s little doubt you’ll find one that’s just right for you. In addition to the popular Original, you can choose from Lemon, Raspberry, and Peach. Whichever flavour you prefer, all Herbalife Tea has a unique blend of orange pekoe (a well-loved traditional black and green tea with extracts of hibiscus flower, cardamom seed and malva flower).

It’s Easy to Make

In its most basic form, mix a half-teaspoon of Herbalife Tea with 200-250 ml of either hot or cold water, and drink twice a day. As with all Herbalife products, though, there are many exciting ways to spruce it up and get creative.

Consider replacing the water, for example, with warm almond milk, or with mineral water and sliced strawberries. Or perhaps blend your Herbalife Tea with a glass of coconut water and Herbalife Aloe Concentrate. Let your imagination take flight – just remember to keep it healthy!

Contact Shapelife

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of Herbalife Tea, or any of the many other Herbalife products, consider getting in touch with Shapelife and learning more. It’s easy to get started, and a healthy, positive lifestyle is always a desirable goal.