Benefits of Herbalife

Convenience – Just One of Herbalife’s Many Benefits

Losing weight is never an easy thing to do. It requires discipline when it comes to reducing calorie intake, following a lean, healthy diet, and getting active even when you’d much prefer to kick back and take a time out. The good news is that the several benefits of Herbalife can aid in achieving all three of the latter.

Herbalife’s supplements and meal replacement shakes are designed to ensure that your body gets valuable minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in a low calorie, easy-to-make, and yummy-tasting shake.

The Value of Quick and Easy

Of all the many benefits of Herbalife, convenience is perhaps the most overlooked. We all live busy lifestyles, and there’s never enough time to get everything done. Cooking healthy meals, while a necessity, can also be time-consuming. Additionally, many of us, whilst loving food, don’t enjoy the process of preparing it. Herbalife’s Formula 1 meal replacement shakes contain the nutrients your body needs from a balanced meal, but unlike a full meal, are quick and easy to make.

All you require is a serving of the shake and fat-free milk (even here there is some leeway: soy milk or almond milk will also work, as will water if you add Herbalife’s protein supplement to the shake powder).

Time Saved Can be Used to Exercise

The increased convenience has three really great spin-offs. The first of which is that the time saved can be used productively in scheduling in a daily 30-minute exercise. All long-term weight loss programmes should include physical activity; its level of intensity and type depend on the particulars of the individual, but time needs to be set aside for it. There is no substitute for getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat. Along with the burning of calories, exercise releases endorphins which uplift mood and add to your general sense of well-being.

No Need for Fast Foods

The second benefit of Herbalife’s Formula 1 meal replacement, when it comes to convenience, is that the temptation to buy something prepared from a retail outlet, or worse yet, from a fast-food franchise, is lessened. It should come as little surprise that all forms of junk food are a big no-no. Junk food is, without fail, high in calories and high in fat, and will only set your weight loss programme back. They must be avoided as much as possible.

Convenience Equals Longevity

The third benefit of Herbalife’s convenience is that people stick with it because its preparation requirements are simple. Studies have found that participants using meal replacement shakes tended to stick with the weight loss regime more than participants who followed a low-calorie diet of prepared meals. The evidence suggests that the extra work needed to prepare balanced, low-calorie meals acted to discourage dieters, unfortunately.

Maximising the Benefits of Herbalife

Herbalife’s Formula 1 shakes are designed to replace two meals per day and are meant to complement a holistic approach to health, well-being, and weight loss. So, in addition to two Formula 1 shakes, you can still have a regular (lean protein) meal along with two smaller snacks during the day. Whereas the contents of your regular meal and snacks are entirely up to you, to maximise the benefits of Herbalife’s offerings, consider sticking to a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, nuts, legumes, fat free/low fat dairy, and healthy fats.

To order your Herbalife products or to learn more about Herbalife’s many benefits, feel free to get in touch with Shapelife today.

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