How Herbalife Shakes Can Help You Gain Weight

A large percentage of South Africans struggle with issues surrounding their weight gain, whether due to health conditions or a need to improve their self-esteem. People often forget, however, that being underweight can also lead to health problems and a knock to one’s confidence. For both women and men, it can be incredibly difficult to not just gain weight but do so in a way that is healthy and sustainable. Finding shakes to gain weight can be tricky too, as one really cannot be sure that what you are getting is value for money. Herbalife’s products, however, have been tried and tested, and the positive testimonials speak volumes.

The Risk of Being Underweight

Thankfully, we have come a long way from the idea that beauty needs to look like a reed-thin model, but some parts of society still glamorise looking starved. Those who fight an uphill battle to pick up a few kilograms, however, often feel self-conscious and as though they need to force-feed themselves just to get to a healthy BMI. Men, in particular, may feel embarrassed about not being able to bulk up or gain more muscle. Being underweight is also strongly linked to malnutrition, as the body simply does not have the nutritional reserves it requires to function. Some of the health risks of being underweight includes:

  • Malnourishment, deficiencies in minerals and vitamins, and anaemia.
  • Feeling tired or lethargic.
  • Conditions such as osteoporosis that stem from nutritional deficiencies.
  • A weakened immune system, getting ill quickly, or an inability to fight off infections.
  • A higher risk of complications from surgery.
  • Problems with fertility due to an irregular or absent menstrual cycle.
  • Developmental and physical delays in children who do not receive proper nutrition for their bodies and brains.

Healthy Gains with Our Shakes and Protein Solutions

For some, investing in shakes to gain weight is the last resort, and people often seek out calorie-rich products that promise the world. Our Herbalife products are dynamic in that they can be used for both weight loss and gains, and adjusting your diet and workout plan accordingly is all it takes. For those looking to drop a few kilograms, our shakes, in particular, are a superb meal replacement – but anyone struggling with the opposite simply needs to add a shake as a supplement to an already balanced meal. Here is a look at some products that will assist in this process:

  • Formula 1 Shake: This shake offers complete meal nutrition with up to 20 essential vitamins and minerals, plus health-enhancing herbs. Nine grams of soy protein offers great support to any workout regime, and seven delicious flavours mean you won’t get tired of the same taste. For added weight gain benefits, mix the shake powder with full cream milk or soy milk.
  • F3 Personalised Protein Powder: This powder provides a quick and convenient way to up your intake of protein – without eating foods that are too high in unwanted fats. Other protein solutions in the range include the Protein Drink Mix and Protein Bars which will also aid in building muscle mass and keeping one’s energy up.

For more on how to use our shakes and other products to gain weight, get in touch with us at Shapelife today.

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