Lose Weight the Smart Way with Herbalife

The truth of the matter is that most of us could benefit from losing a few extra kilos. Our lifestyles are busy, often stressed, and many of us neglect our health and well-being. Then, one day, when we realise something needs to be done, the task seems daunting, if not insurmountable. Fortunately, being smart about how we address the problem really helps. For example, choosing to lose weight with Herbalife’s selection of weight management products.

Herbalife’s weight loss core nutrition offers a convenient way to supplement positive, healthy lifestyle changes with a low-calorie, nutritious meal replacement shake. In addition to the shake, Herbalife’s weight loss range includes several other products to help you along the path of smart, effective slimming down measures.

A Holistic View of Health

First things first, though. Herbalife’s weight loss range is meant to aid a healthy lifestyle that includes both good nutrition and activity. Good nutrition means eating a balanced, lean, whole-grain diet; and activity means elevating your rate heart through cardiovascular exercise for at least 30-minutes per session. Herbalife is holistic, and sustained weight loss is a lifestyle choice.

The Three Weight Loss Programmes

Depending on your individual requirements and stage within the weight loss journey, there are three Herbalife programmes from which to choose.

  1. The Quickstart Programme: as the name suggests, the first option is designed around the need to get started on a Herbalife weight loss programme quickly and easily. It includes the Formula 1 meal replacement shakes, a supplementary multivitamin/mineral (Formula 2), and a powdered tea (Formula 3).
  2. The Advanced Programme: the advanced programme incorporates the items from the Quickstart but adds to them supplements to increase energy levels and reduce the retention of fluids.
  3. The Ultimate Programme: the last of the three combines all the above but augments them with two more supplements for the management of digestion and blood sugar.

To follow the programme, replace two meals per day with the Herbalife shake, take the supplements as directed (depending which option you’ve decided on), eat healthy, lean meals and snacks where required, and if possible, implement an exercise regime suitable to your age and level of fitness.

Be Realistic About Goals

There is no ideal length of time to spend on a Herbalife diet, but you have to be realistic about your expectations – both for your targeted weight and the amount of time you have to get there.

Crash diets rarely work because the immediate and drastic reduction in calorie intake is a shock to the body. Moreover, crash diets often cause binge eating when mealtime comes around.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that losing anything more than 0.9 kilograms per week is simply too much and could be dangerous to your health. A realistic target is a highly individual element of the Herbalife weight loss programme, and you have to make sure that you are adding to your health when dieting rather than detracting from it. Setting an unrealistic target may discourage you if you don’t meet. A good estimate falls in the range of 225 grams to 450 grams per week.

Herbalife – A Name to Trust

When it comes to weight loss, Herbalife is a name that can draw on four decades of experience. Get in touch today to find out more about the complete set of Herbalife products.

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