Weight Loss Herbalife Products

15 Herbalife Weight Loss Products to Help You Meet Your Health Goals

Losing weight is not for the faint of heart. It takes immense willpower to resist those cravings for strong flavours, processed sugar and sodium, and greasy fried foods. Junk food is not the only hurdle, as portion control becomes harder when your body does not understand what it means to be satiated, many dieters report a constant feeling of gnawing hunger.

While you can expect daunting obstacles on your way to better physical wellness, the great news is that healthy weight loss is still possible. Our line of Herbalife products act as a supplementary step that you can take along with your diet and exercise regime, and positive reviews are testament to how well our range works.

  1. Formula 1 Shake
    When it comes to weight loss Herbalife products, our Formula 1 Shake is a winner. With up to 20 vital vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and availability in seven tasty flavours, this is one meal replacement you will not want to miss.
  2. Formula 1 Free From
    This delicious drink offers the same nutrient-rich benefits of the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake, without any soy, gluten, or lactose.
  3. Cell Activator
    One of our popular weight loss products, the Herbalife Cell Activator aids in the absorption and assimilation of key nutrients.
  4. F1 Express Bars
    High fibre and protein-rich meal replacement bars for when you are on the go and cannot afford to miss a meal.
  5. F3 Personalised Protein Powder
    Ideal for weight loss, this powder increases protein consumption which helps to maintain energy levels and lean muscle mass.
  6. Fibre & Herb Tablets
    Designed to aid in effective weight control by providing dietary fibre and assisting the body in eliminating waste naturally.
  7. Gourmet Tomato Soup
    A low-calorie meal that is quick to make and ideal as part of a five-meal-a-day plan. Warm, soothing, and savoury, this Herbalife soup is perfect as a light lunch or afternoon snack.
  8. Herbal Aloe Concentrate
    A refreshing, kilojoule-controlled drink that is easy to prepare and offers a tasty way to stay hydrated.
  9. Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink
    Made from premium whole-leaf aloe vera, this drink includes calming chamomile and is available in Mango or Original flavour.
  10. Instant Herbal Beverage
    Tea lovers will enjoy this herbal energy booster as a low-calorie replacement drink during the day. Blended from five fast-acting natural botanicals, this beverage can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  11. Multifibre Drink
    Add a scoop of this powder to your water or favourite nutritional shake and increase your fibre intake easily.
  12. Protein Bars
    At only 140 calories each, these protein bars are some of our well-liked products because of how tasty they are. 10 g of protein and 16 g of carbohydrates means you can expect sustained energy release.
  13. Protein Drink Mix
    This powder mixes easily with water or a nutritional shake and offers 15 g of soy protein per serving and up to 24 vitamins and minerals.
  14. Roasted Soy Beans
    This calorie-controlled snack on the go is salty, crunchy, and a great source of protein.
  15. Thermo Complete
    This blend of herbs and nutrients assists with weight loss and helps to improve concentration and alertness.

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